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Village of Fairport Office of Community and Economic Development
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Fairport Urban Renewal Agency

The Village of Fairport URA (Urban Renewal Agency) was established in 1965 by a special act of the New York State Legislature to revitalize and redevelop urban areas in Fairport.

Senior/Disabled Home Improvement Grant Program

The Fairport URA awards grants to income-eligible seniors and disabled homeowners for essential and/or safety-related home improvements or repairs. To qualify, owner-occupied properties must be located in the Village of Fairport.

URA Home Loan Program

Provides loans to eligible homeowners for needed repairs and improvements. The objectives of the program are to improve the housing conditions of families, revitalize neighborhoods, reduce operating costs and energy consumption, correct code violations and improve accessibility for the handicapped and elderly.

For full eligibility requirements, please call 585-421-3240.



In compliance with the Public Authorities Accountability Act of 2005 and the Public Authorities Reform Act of 2009, the Fairport URA publishes a list of the agency's real property and performance measures on an annual basis.

Review OCED's 2017 Annual Report.


Completed Projects

29 Perrin Street

Sterling West

Urban Renewal Agency Programs

Home Loan: 

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Senior/Disabled Home Improvement Grant:


To obtain an application,
please contact the Executive Director
at marthamalone@fairportny.com


Commercial Residential/Mixed-Use Project:

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URA Properties

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URA Performance Measurements

Annual Report 2017
Measurement Report 2017

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Measurement Report 2016

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2017 Annual Report now available.

URA awarded 125,000 in senior home improvement grants since 2001.
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Loan and grant applications now online to download.

URA-provided loans help spur millions in local project work.
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  29 Perrin Street RESIDENTIAL REDEVELOPMENT: 29 Perrin Street    
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29 Perrin Street before and after redevelopment

"We look to redevelop properties that are underdeveloped or deteriorating and 29 Perrin Street needs the work."
-- Executive Director

About the Project
The Fairport Urban Renewal Agency acquired this deteriorating property and requested redevelopment proposals in 2010. A local developer purchased the property, demolished the existing building and redeveloped the site into 5 luxury apartments, which were leased out upon opening in September 2012.

This project provides first-class housing in close proximity to the business district and is in walking distance to Village Landing and Main Street shopping opportunities as well as Erie Canal recreational activities.

About Urban Renewal Agency Assistance
The Fairport Urban Renewal Agency supported this project with a $250,000 low-interest loan. The total project cost is estimated at $850,000.

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  Sterling West MIXED-USE REDEVELOPMENT: 32-36 West Avenue    
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It's hard to believe that this project began life as a façade improvement! It evolved into an all-new mixed-use building that brings new residential and commercial life to the heart of the Village.

About the Project
This project began as a simple façade improvement project in 2004, but resulted in the demolition of 2 buildings and the construction of what has become a signature project in the heart of the Village.

Features of this mixed-use redevelopment project in the core of the Fairport business and canal district include 11 residential units with 4 commercial spaces on the first floor and significant public investment in the nearby Kennelley Park and a pedestrian promenade.

About Urban Renewal Agency Assistance
The Fairport Urban Renewal Agency supported this project with a $300,000 low-interest loan and a façade grant. The total project cost is close to $1,200,000.

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roofing shingles

Urban Renewal Agency awards more than $85,000
Over the past 10 years, the Fairport URA has provided grants to eligible village seniors totalling more than $85,000 for emergency and safety repairs and renovations including new windows, chimney, roof or basement pipes.

Check the program guidelines and see if you qualify.

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Urban Renewal Agency lends over $600,000
Currently, the Fairport
Urban Renewal Agency has 4 active loan projects on record, with a combined value of $850,000. The total project costs amount to $7.25 million.

Download the application form and call us to discuss assistance.

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