Fairport LIFT Grant Program Expanded

Fairport LIFT Grant Program Expanded

Fairport Local Development Corporation expands grant program to help Village retailers and restaurants impacted by the pandemic.

The Village of Fairport Local Development Corporation LIFT Grant Program has been expanded to provide cash assistance to Village Retail and Restaurant businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The LIFT grant program was introduced in August 2020 to provide reimbursement for purchase of COVID related supplies, services and renovations to enable businesses to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions.

With this program expansion, Village Retailers or Restaurants that are forced to close due to required quarantine and isolation orders may be eligible for $100/day up to a maximum of $1,000, for each normal scheduled business day that the business is closed due to the quarantine/isolation order.

Additionally, the LIFT grant program will also provide up to $1,000 to offset the higher costs of takeout supplies and third-party delivery fees incurred by Village Restaurants.

“We recognize the important role that our businesses play in making the Village of Fairport a unique destination for shopping, dining and entertainment,” said Kevin Clark, FLDC Board Chair. “This expansion will help our especially hard-hit Village retailers and restaurants as they adapt to these ongoing challenges. The LIFT Grant program underscores our commitment to ensuring the future of Village of Fairport as a diverse and vibrant business district for residents and visitors alike.”