Fairport Announces Creation of the Liftbridge Impact Fund

Fairport Announces Creation of the Liftbridge Impact Fund

(Fairport, NY – October 23, 2018) The Fairport Office of Community + Economic Development (OCED) is pleased to announce it has established a $150,000 Liftbridge Impact Fund which will aid Village of Fairport businesses impacted by the planned 2019-2020 Fairport Liftbridge rehabilitation project.

“Fairport OCED commits its resources, expertise and energies to creating a local economy that is healthy and vibrant,” said OCED Board Member and Village Trustee Ken Rohr. “The funds will be available to help mitigate the impact on our local businesses to ensure their continued success during this project.”

Fairport OCED will be conducting public outreach to local business owners and community groups to solicit input on areas of focus and program development.

The $8.9 million New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) Liftbridge Rehabilitation project will extend the service life of the historic Fairport Liftbridge and improve the lifting mechanisms to provide reliable and safe operation during canal navigation season. NYSDOT estimates that the Liftbridge will be out of service for 13 to 15 months beginning September 2019.

In addition to the $150,000 allocated to the Liftbridge Impact Fund, Fairport OCED has committed $500,000 to the $1.9 Million Fairport Bicentennial Gateway Project which will upgrade and enhance the banks of the Erie Canal west of the Fairport Liftbridge. Fairport OCED has earmarked an additional $30,000 for proposed improvements to the Albert H. Knapp Rotary Pavilion at Fairport Junction.

Additional information can be found by calling (585) 421-3240.